Sunday, December 14, 2008

Isis' Symbols

Some of Isis' symbols were the full moon, Nile River, the ocean (I love the ocean!), cobra, crocodile, scorpion, green, cobalt blue, silver, cinnamon (I love the smell of cinnamon too!!), sweet orange and cedar wood. As you can see, Isis had a ton of symbols. The Egyptian people sometimes wore these as jewelery or household decor. (I wonder if I would ever wear any of the jewelry that they made?) Many of her symbols were associated with her feminine but courageous personality. Kind of like my personality, if you really know me! These symbols were incorporated into the worship of each goddess. All of the goddesses had their own symbols that were specialized especially for them. (It makes me wonder, if all of the goddesses had as many symbols as Isis, and there were over 2,000 goddesses, who picked them all? I mean, once you get closer to the end there would be almost nothing left.) Isis had a lot more symbols than I have listed, but... well that would be a lot of symbols!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Bastet: The Cat Woman!

Bastet, the goddess of joy and motherhood, was probably the one that most Egyptian women prayed to the most. Most women prayed to her because they wanted a child. Bastet was shown as a cat or as a women with a cat head. (I wonder if she could purr?) Since Bastet was high on the list of goddesses to worship, if you killed a cat it was punished with death. Clearly cats were very important to the Egyptians! They protected the grain from mice and rats. Even after a house cat died, the family would go through a period of grief, just as they would when a person died! They would even shave their eyebrows to show how sad they were! Bastet also protected the Egyptians from disease and evil spirits. She sounds like a good goddess to keep happy, doesn't she?!

Happy Goddesses= Good Fortune!!

The Egyptians tried to keep the goddesses happy so that they would not punish them with disease or bad luck. Each goddess had a temple and statue that they believed the goddess's spirit lived in. Every day the chief priest or pharaoh washed and dressed the statue three times a day!! They also gave the statue food so the goddess could eat. I think they treated the statues better than some of the people in Ancient Egypt! On the goddess's own festival day, they would put the statue in a golden shrine and carry it past the crowds in a procession. They did not want the statue to be seen by human eyes, so the shrine was put in a model boat- a barque ( that word is fun to say!)- and carried it through the crowd of singers and dancers and musicians.

Egypt's Most Popular Goddess

The goddess that Egypt worshipped the most was Isis, goddess of rain and moisture, guardian of travelers and the dead. Women worshipped her as the mother of all Egyptians.She was the only goddess that spent time with her human followers. I think that I would like Isis if I were to meet her! She taught the women how to make corn and bread. She also taught them how to weave cloth and spin flax. Isis also taught her followers how to read and the importance of agriculture. Eventually Isis became the most powerful goddess of the gods and goddesses by depriving Ra of his powers. She was very deceiving, apparently! For many reasons Isis was very popular, but the biggest and most recognized was the fact that she spent time with her followers.

Some of the Egyptian Goddesses

Isis an Egyptian goddesses, was the goddess of magic and life. Like Hather, she was a woman with the head of a cow. Isis was Egypt's most favored goddess ( I think some of the people in this world wish that they were Isis!), and was worshipped by the Greeks and Romans as well. Isis was also the guardian of the travelers and the dead. Another Egyptian goddess is Tefnut, goddess of rain and moisture. She had the head of a lion and the body of a woman. Their was also Sekhmet, goddess of war and battle. Lastly, my most favorite goddess of all, Nut goddess of the sky! This goddess also had the head of a cow. (It seems the Egyptian goddesses liked cows!) I like Nut because the sky is so big and I like the stars!! Her head, again, was a cow. It was said that she created a canopy over Geb, god of Earth (shown in the above picture). Her fingers and toes touched Earth to make the sky because she was said to have a star spangled belly. That would be kind of cool, in my opinion!