Friday, December 12, 2008

Some of the Egyptian Goddesses

Isis an Egyptian goddesses, was the goddess of magic and life. Like Hather, she was a woman with the head of a cow. Isis was Egypt's most favored goddess ( I think some of the people in this world wish that they were Isis!), and was worshipped by the Greeks and Romans as well. Isis was also the guardian of the travelers and the dead. Another Egyptian goddess is Tefnut, goddess of rain and moisture. She had the head of a lion and the body of a woman. Their was also Sekhmet, goddess of war and battle. Lastly, my most favorite goddess of all, Nut goddess of the sky! This goddess also had the head of a cow. (It seems the Egyptian goddesses liked cows!) I like Nut because the sky is so big and I like the stars!! Her head, again, was a cow. It was said that she created a canopy over Geb, god of Earth (shown in the above picture). Her fingers and toes touched Earth to make the sky because she was said to have a star spangled belly. That would be kind of cool, in my opinion!

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