Sunday, December 14, 2008

Isis' Symbols

Some of Isis' symbols were the full moon, Nile River, the ocean (I love the ocean!), cobra, crocodile, scorpion, green, cobalt blue, silver, cinnamon (I love the smell of cinnamon too!!), sweet orange and cedar wood. As you can see, Isis had a ton of symbols. The Egyptian people sometimes wore these as jewelery or household decor. (I wonder if I would ever wear any of the jewelry that they made?) Many of her symbols were associated with her feminine but courageous personality. Kind of like my personality, if you really know me! These symbols were incorporated into the worship of each goddess. All of the goddesses had their own symbols that were specialized especially for them. (It makes me wonder, if all of the goddesses had as many symbols as Isis, and there were over 2,000 goddesses, who picked them all? I mean, once you get closer to the end there would be almost nothing left.) Isis had a lot more symbols than I have listed, but... well that would be a lot of symbols!

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